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2001-01-15 03:30:20 (UTC)

January 14, 2001- 7:34 PM..

January 14, 2001- 7:34 PM
Umm...not much,really..I've been feelin' a little dazed
lately....*sighs*I feel like I did when I first went out with my
first boyfriend..I wonder why...

Well,I went back to my city, and evacuated as many people as I could
using my knowledge of the residents and the city itself. I hope I got
to everyone who was still alive....the death of innocent people can
never be justified!
Now,I just have to get rid of the void..I've decided to fill it with
energy...but, this thing..I don't know....I'm not sure if I can get
enough energy. If I sacrificed my self,it might work,but then I
couldn't be sure if it actually worked..*sighs*To die with honor is
one thing, but to die for a lost ' not right.
I don't know...I feel odd...very peaceful, weary,..lost.I haven't a
clue what to do.I'm doing this on my own,though. I cannot accept the
help of friends. I will not risk the safety of others.
Anyhow,I'm also thinking of taking martial arts lessons to improve my
battle style, and to gain experience with a wide variety of
activities. My only problem here is, that I do not know of anyone who
knows martial-arts, and would accept me as a student. I will keep
looking though.
I guess that's all for now...*shrugs*I'm out for now..
-Skyla Glace