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2001-07-16 11:20:56 (UTC)


~*Well i went to my dads this weekend and the whole time
i was having panick attacks.I had this really bad feeling
and my dad gave me this really evil glare after he had come
upstairs to tell me and leslie that we jus went strait
upstairs and didnt say hi to aunt becky...i was like do u
want me to go say hi to her(not in a mean way) and he gave
me this glare that would knock the wind out of u if u hadnt
seen it before.Its a scary look.The rest of the day i
couldnt stop shaking and i kept being very careful not to
do nething to set him off.He came upstairs again and when
he walked in the room i imediatly got offline and said im
going to say hi to becky and get me something to eat.So i
went downstairs and let me tell u i must have looked so
nervous.I was dropping everything and running into doors
and i couldnt stop shaking.Its crazy lol.I hate pannick
attacks cuz u cant help shaking and ur jus outa it.Well
newayz later on i took a nap and i was laying there trying
to think of nething that would make my dad mad (they look
for reasons)then it dawned on me that i didnt bring the soy
sauce downstairs so i jumped up and got that in the fridge
quik.My mom and dad got in a fight over the phone later on
bc my dad is starting to play his control games.
i g2g