OhBaby It Is Me

2002-08-24 04:28:13 (UTC)

DQ, and no it's not Dairy Queen

Hi everyone! I am a drama queen just b/c I say what I
want to and say what I'm feeling. It doesn't bother me
though, no one can ever say anything that will upset me.
I'm immune to it all now. No one knows what has just
happened in my life besides one other person. That one
other person is the only persons opinion that I care to
hear. Whatever he thinks is what I care about. No one
else has that effect on me. Everyone can go out and say
whatever they want about me b/c in the relationship that
I'm in right now, I'm untouchable. So go on all you people
that get kicks from reading this, go out and try to say the
worst thing that you can think of, it means nothing. The
only person that I care about will not believe you therefor
it means nothing to me. I am the thorn that grows on the
rose of your life, but he's the if in my life.

Oh and just to say something else, I went back to KFC the
other day, OMFG was it funny!