insights bourne thru sheer bordom
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2001-07-16 10:00:31 (UTC)


this is not a diary but rather a place to consider and
share my thoughts and feelings on life....

i went to a party and stayed clear in the head (a rare
thing for me).and i made out with tara who though, i try
hard not to, still have feelings for. and i can remember
the nite and it was one of my better parties. so this makes
me wonder if life would be more interesting if i wasnt such
a druggo and craved being out of it? but alas i doubt the
monotony of life would hold my concentration long.

i am not good at expressing my feeling through
communication. i find writing easier than speaking as i can
think slower and consider my true thoughts. but every time
i try to communicate wot is in my head it becomes distorted
and changed. until finally i realise i have forgotten my
original thoughts. pictures forming in my head and feelings
in my body are there but as soon as i try to figure out wot
they are they disappear leaving an emptiness. maybe i
should leave them be.