It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-24 03:42:21 (UTC)

hey, don't you wanna go down, like some displaced cosmonaut

i betcha that female cosmonauts are hot. that's just
a theory, but "low" by cracker is a pretty good song. it's
no "more human than human" by white zombie, but i like it.
i neglected to mention yesterday that when i was at
rich's, kristen called me. that chick i made out with last
saturday. i only talked to her for like 2 seconds, but it
was a little weird to have a girl call me. at the same time
we both said "what's going on" and "nothing". it was
kind...i don't know the word. but we asked what we were
doing, "hanging out at my buddy rich's" and i forgot what
she said. but then she just says, "im gonna go talk to
people in my hall." i just said something like, "oh, ok."
we both said "have fun" at the same time and hung up. i
would have liked to talk to her longer than i did, but i
think im gonna call her tomorrow. i mean, if she does like
me, id like to get to know her better. why would she call
me, CALL ME if she didn't like me? fuck with my mind i
guess. she's pretty cool though. we'll see what happens.
maybe she's coming home for labor day?
other than that, i slept till 2, didn't get any
errands done and worked from 3 till 11. it was a productive
day. but claudia gave me a .50 raise, so im up to $8 an
hour. claudia rocks the party that rocks the body. i think
i just might start actually doing work at work again. eh,
who knows.


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