the ups and downs of my life
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2002-08-24 03:26:40 (UTC)

work at the fair

well today i worked at the fair for the first time. the
guy i worked with was named chepy not cheby lol at first
it was frustrating but i got the hang of it finally after
about an hour adn it was cool. it went by fast it seemed
like maybe 1 hour at the most. but man my back hurts i
think i am ready to go to bed. there is another kid that
works in the stand next to us that came over for a bit. he
doesnt like chep. its kinda funny. i got a hug from chepy
after i was all done today. hes a nice person. so is the
other dude. tomorrow i will be working there with pj i
dont know how fun that will be but we wil see. wel bob
kept ouffing helim and singing songs. it was fuuny. well
i guess thats all for now