2001-07-16 07:49:34 (UTC)


how am i s to say this..warghhhh.....i cant stop thinking
bout him~~ shit ~ y suddenly he show up in my life huh
duhh...this year is going 2 be my ermm....i dunno~` very
cool year of my life cuz this year im goin 2 be 16 =) sweet
sixteen la duh...n there's a lot of stress also~ they said
tht form 4 is d honeymoon year...*duh* its a horibble year
i failed 3 subject worrr
this is d 1st time in my life i failed!! goshh...i failed
additional math, MATH n physics....=(

okay..about this guy thing....i dont know how to get over
its not this is d 1st time i had a crush on someone but
i dunno..its different .... like i feel the real thing thts
going on myself

hey im not goin 2 confess tht i 'like' him
its not tht i 'like' him babblingzz

actually..this my x-schoolmate
but not x-bf laa

he's ..ermm..kinda cute.....frm mn worr...goshh
frm a private sch....yes of course he's rich...almost
everyday i saw he's mercedes passing my sch--all saints..n
he always lookin at my sch gate~ hehe
thx god he didnt see me.....i mean notice me

very2 fair...i hate to see his soft...n fair

ok back! fair n a grrls skin
like he never going out or sumthing in d school mag this year my job is 2
find a company who wants 2 advertise their company in our school
so i asked my dad 2 what...ermm....ask his dad wee'ther he wants or
not~~ luckily....his dad wantz the full page 1~
so i got laa ..duh..what d hell am i saying this

ok laa gtg ....i wanna watch this paola paulina
haha ok then