No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-08-24 01:06:28 (UTC)


another comments in parenthesis

A Gemini who takes a Libra mate has finally found a partner
worthy of their charm and wit. Your Libra partner will
enjoy sharing in your social life and is the perfect
companion to take almost anywhere. You've finally found
someone who can share in all your interesting and
spontaneous ideas, but don't be surprised if your Libra
occasionally likes to play the devil's advocate with you
just for fun.

Your Libra mate will enjoy discussing and comparing
different ideas with you and will undoubtedly be impressed
by your active and flexible mind. Your Libra will
definitely understand and share your need for plenty of
social interaction, so you should never run out of things
to do together. Your love promises plenty of activity,
excitement and fun.
yeah, but I need to talk to this person and i dont have a
very good feeling about it.

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