2001-07-16 07:01:47 (UTC)

An Introduction of sorts...

Call me Jaidess..it's not my real name but that doesn't
matter huh? This is my first diary entry here so I don't
really know what to say. I am not sure how many people
will actually see this, but for those of you who do stumble
across it and decide to read it I'll introduce myself.

There isn't a lot to say about my life. I'm in my 20's ( I
feel like I am getting old so I don't like to discuss my
age so much) I am an aspiring writer/artist. I'm a big
movie buff. Horror and suspense films are my favorites but
I'll pretty much watch anything. Tim Burton is the director
I most admire. Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward
Scissorhands are two of my favorite films of all time. My
favorite horror films include Scream, Halloween and
Candyman. Bored yet? Hmmm I also like music a lot. The band
I am very into right now is Flickerstick. They aren't that
well known yet because they just won the Bands on The Run
contest on VH1 but I think they will break out big time.
They rock! I also like classic rock -Queen , Aerosmith,
Hendrix you know good rock shit, and some
alternative/grunge music like Smashing Pumpkins , Nirvana,
Garbage and Veruca Salt.

When it comes to writing which is my "thing" I do a bit of
this and bit of that. I don't stick to one genre. I write
poetry, horror, mainstream..whatever pops in my head.I
guess I probably have more vampire fiction than anything
else though. My literary role models are Sheridan LeFanu
(Carmilla), Stephen King, Anne Rice and Sylvia Plath.

So that is my blah blah introduction... I guess there shall
be more and hopefully more exciting enteries in the near
future. For now it's time to try and catch some zzzzz's.