a little piece of me
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2002-08-24 00:41:21 (UTC)


ok, so today turtle and i got caught misbehaving...hehehe.
today, on the way back from lunch at granny's, turtle and i
were driving on the highway. it was a little dark and
rainy, so i thought i'd help pass the time a little. i
whipped turtle's dick out and started jerking him off. :D
anyway, things were going fine, until i looked up and saw
this trucker beside us laughing his ass off. then he
started honking at us, and sped up to keep up with us. it
was so embarassing! he waved at us and stuff, and just
kept laughing. it was so funny, though. turlte and i
laughed forever. it was great. god, we're such perverts.
kept the silly trucker entertained for a few minutes,

lol, heather, i thought you might get a kick out of this
one. talk to you tomorrow night! don't foget, i don't get
off until 9. lyl!