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2002-08-23 23:45:45 (UTC)

THE biggest chicken

Remember what I was saying awhile ago about the delivery guy
I had a thing for? Matt? well lately when he comes he's been
staying longer and longer and we chat. And today I found
out a lot of stuff about him like he doesn't know anybody
around here and he goes to Kingston every weekend and stuff,
and he's adopted. And he's the sweetest thing on this earth.
But once again I chickened out when I completely had an
opportunity to ask him out and later I was crying and
kicking myself. I have GOT to get over this fear of
rejection and just go for it. How else am I ever going to
know. Oh! sidenote though- I AM making progress with my
list- I have done 2 things on my list- I drove in the city!
My cousin and I went to Peterborough the other day adn I
drove. I can't tell you how excited that made me. Then I
think I've finally overcome this driving phobia of mine- I'm
doing so much better! Anyhoo I think maybe I'll call Jess
and see what she thinks of the Matt thing. Oooh and guess
what?! Not only did we go to Peterborough the other day but
we went to Oshawa too so I got to see Kim. yay! I miss her
so much. Anyways, later.

Current mood: not sure
Current music: "What you see is what you get"- Britney

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