can I speak?
2002-08-23 23:43:08 (UTC)

it's friday

I have to work tomorrow so I'm not going to be doing
anything fun like go out and party or anything like that. I
refuse to go to work at 430 in the AM still drunk from the
night before. That's just plain stupid and I'm not THAT
stupid (not anymore anyways).
Still think about scott every once in awhile. I thought
about him quite a bit today. My best friend and that one
guy shared a secret kiss at work today. When she told me
about it all I could do was think about the first time
Scott and I kissed. It was so great. And he told me I was a
good kisser and that he really enjoyed our time together.
Ah well, so soon they forget. It was probably a pack of
lies anyway. Men lie just to get what they want. they don't
care about hurting anyone, they just want what they want
when they want it and then they disappear.
Some day I will forget that I ever met that man.