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2002-08-23 23:41:31 (UTC)

the brilliant life i lead !

okay so today hasn't been bad at all.. some guy asked
for my phone number- he was so damn old though, so
it doesn't count....but it was nice anyways- as sick as
that sounds.
School so far.. brilliant ! i love college. I know where
almost everything is, and i like most of my classes.
Dunno what to buy Daddy for his birthday. hmmmmm...
something really really nice ! but what ? I love my
Daddy, I don't want to buy him something that he
doesn't want.... this is hard.
Anyways, i've gotta go out and buy a tanning package-
and do some laundry. And i told steve we would go play
basketball or something tonight ! eerrrgg ! i have lots of
things to do.
I just wanted to write because i'm a little pissed off with
an email i got from Paul. It starts off nice, then he starts
going on about his birthday, and what he wants. Well it
was a bit obvious that he wants me to get him
something. Hell no ! I'm broke as it is, plus if i'm buying
anyone a gift it's going to be my Daddy, or Rebecca, or
someone else. I hate it when people just expect you to
buy them things... well he isn't even going to get a
birthday card- which i did send him one last year. But
he's not getting one this week- NO WAY !!
I know he will mention it, if i go online, so the solution- i
won't go online until after his birthday- which won't be
hard ! i've been kinda busy anyways.
O' yeah, and Sam says that he loves me. Sam is a
sweetie !! i love the way he says carolin.. it usually
sounds something like caholynn- well it's weird
Well better get on with it, before the nights over.... wish
me luck !