No One
2002-08-23 23:39:07 (UTC)

Stupid Brother!

Yea i think that somehow my brother managed to gt stupider
overnite..He promised me last night when he didnt show up
that he would be here today and all wekkend so i could
spend time with him and the baby...i dont care so much
about seeing him as i do the baby. the baby is growing up
so fast ive already not seen him in a month. and i called
ihm all day today but he wouldnt answer his cell phone so i
just go the bright idea to block my number so he wouldnt
know whow was calling..well surprise surprise..he answered.
I asked him whats wrong and he said he was asleep...so i
asked him if he was coming over and he said no. so im like
WTF?? why not?? and he said it was a long story and he
didnt want to talk about it. And he said that he would call
me later. i was like yea im sure you will so he said bye
and hung up. im soo pissed off right now i think i could
kill him. I dont think he understands that i dont care if i
see HIM i just want the BABY!!! grrrrrrrrr! and apparently
Livia is lying to me about why she cant come over. she said
it was because she had to hang out with nathan..but someone
called her just a little while ago right after she got done
telling me she was leaving to go see him..and all she was
doing was sitting at home babysitting. oh well whatever i
guess if she doesnt want to hang out its beeter to not
bother. I just dont understand why everyones trying to get
on my nerves today..well actually for the past couple days.
and today my nana told me that she would hate to see me
waste my inheritance on a college education..im like hello
thats what it was given to me for. and 100,000 is not how
much it costs to go to college. so she said that i should
take the money and make a down payment on a house. But
hello if i do that then i will have house payments which
arent cheap and how will i afford to pay those without a
good job. i dont think burger king pays enough. Besides im
going to college in england or somewhere in europe. its
cheaper there. i dont know sometimes peoples so called
common sense is so damn warped. well yea i got my homework
done so now i am able to go to the show on sat. i cant
wait. i need something to get out of this house and have
some fun. well anyways i need to go get ready ive got
things to see and people to do..wait...stirke
that...reverse..it and on we go. hehe love that movie.*hugz*

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