Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-23 23:11:50 (UTC)

this slim fast is so good

hello to you people. i'm going to touch matt2, wait, i
mean touch on what matt2 was mentioning. the day after the
show's are nice. last nights show was alot of fun, i
almost became the lead singer last night i was so close to
the front. i did enjoy the treatment the cotton club gave
us as opposed to other places we have played. the cotton
club treated us well. i also enjoy free beer. thank you
for all who came and saw us play. you are our friends and
we love you. i hope you guys come to all of our upcoming
shows cuz we are getting to be the best rock show with no
budget you can see. one last thing darlings, go out and
buy a stryper album and listen to it on full volume. well
take care.
joel sweet.