lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-08-23 22:51:55 (UTC)

two wrongs

ok so i finally have a song that's all my's not
punk so marisa won't take's not rock so anna won't
take's not bluegrass so mal won't take's called
"two wrongs" and it's tight, and the only person who
might take it is phil cuz it's by wyclef jean and the girl
from city high...but anyway it's tight.

school is starting & i'm actually excited. the only
reasons i want to go to cam are stupid socialish things
and i need to not be a retree and make some more
friends at oaks. cross country has been awesome so i'm stoked. even though i'm a failure taking
college prep math, i'm ok with myself. i guess i know
i'm doing a ton this year yeah...

my brother got a sample of this crackhead 6-day
schedule...eek i'm gonna get sooo lost!!! that's cool,
though...i like being confused. seems like it happens
more & more lately :-)

i always wanted to date someone during high
school...and i'm halfway through without being
anywhere close. it's okay...sometimes disappointing, i
guess. but it's better than i don't get psychopath
impaired judgement thanks to a guy i probably won't
end up with anyway.

i also always wanted a car. but i'm learning the value of
hard work & i'll appreciate it a lot more. sometimes i
just feel like i won't have a car until i graduate either.
sometimes these next two years look pretty bleak to
me, i guess.

life is so cool right now. it sounds weird, but the things
i've always equated with happiness...a boyfriend, a car,
good grades, a ton of friends, being in shape,
whatever...i don't really have any of that but i'm still so
content. i'm really enjoying just the process of living
right now :-)