Thoughts to Share
2002-08-23 22:27:39 (UTC)

simple things

First of all...today as I was sitting in class I saw a girl
that had her hair all twisted up using hair sticks. I've
always wanted to get a pair, but I'm just not quite sure
how they'd work for me. They're not the cheapest thing I'd
ever buy, so I didn't so much want to get them if I
wouldn't be able to use them. My friend Julie..she was all
about them, and I was always amazed....like, she was so
talented...ha. That was just my random thoughts while I
tried to stay awake during class.
Speaking of class. This whole....calling on random names
during class to answer questions...it's not so much working
out for me. I mean...really...I do really read before I
come to class (ok-most of the time), but honestly...I
wouldn't come to class if I already knew everything. I
come to class so I can figure things out. However, it is
somewhat of a comfort that if they call out a random name,
they don't always know who you are. Still....there's no
need for that, not at all.

Today I was just thinking about how little things made me
happy. Mer and I went to Hallmark. (2 cards for 17 cents...:-p)
Then we were in Food Lion and people were just really nice. So I was
just mentioning that it just makes the day so much more pleasant when
people are nice. :-) Makes it seem like the world is ok for a
little bit.