Deep Down
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2002-08-23 20:28:44 (UTC)

Does Anyone Love Me?

Ironic question I know.
I just felt like writing a little something-something.
So Jen.....here's my low-down:
Brianna asked me if my life was important.
What the hell kind of question is that??
She said that lately she could tell that I've been "down
and out" and she figured she wouldn't talk to me until I
got my life back on track.
I thought only gfs did that sort of thing, not friends.
*Scratches head*
Last night's gig was alright.
It seems lately we've been getting more and more "groupies"
as you would call them.
I hate that.
How girls will never give you a second glance unless you
have a guitar in your hand, drive a flashy car, and have
gold necklaces around your neck.
I always spoil my girls (when I have them), but I don't
brag and I certainly don't floss.
I'm just the little surfer-singer boy I've always been and
always will be.
I doubt we'll get a brake, and even if we ever did, I'd
never change my image.
This is who I am.
I'm not changing for anyone.
Not even friends....sorry Brianna. =(
I'm coming up tomorrow for your bday girl.
You're the only girl I'll love unconditionally sis.