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2001-07-16 05:38:17 (UTC)


do you think i need you?
is that why youre acting like this?
and do you think that i will actually
put UP with this shit.
you have it all fucking wrong hun.
all fucking wrong.
im sick of your bad fucking moods.
and your selfish fucking views.
im TIRED of being the one who hurts.
and im TIRED of letting it go.
you need to KNOW
that i am NOT in any way in debt with you
youre nothing i cant replace.
nothing i cant pick and choose.
i may have been stupid before.
but im not fucking stupid now.
and you may have had your way with me before.
but im not your fuckgin whore now.
i am ashley.
and i dont NEED this in my life.
if youre just bunch of sadness for me.
WHY would i continue to associate with you?
youre the fuckign female version
of a controlling demanding fucking psycho male.
and i am GAY HUN
why the HELL
would i put up with that.
you think that i feel bad for you?
we all get shit.
we just handle it different.
and i have neough of my own
i dont need yours babe.
either fucking treat me like a fuckign human being with emotions.
or get the FUCK out of my life.
because i am better than that.
and i deserve more than that.
from friends.
which is all you are to me.
so anticipate my resentment.
i will not be apprehensive any longer.
i dont need you.
i dont need this.
not this fuckgin shit.

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