Fish 'n Chips
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2001-07-16 05:29:48 (UTC)

"Lick my poopy dxck...."

Wow, I haven't really wrote in a while. Things with Tom
have gotten better. Yay. Today is his birthday...big 1-8.

I had a really bad dream. I dreamt that he left me for
LACEY! (Or Lacy? I dunno). *gasp* That is some scary shit.
She is some scary shit. Manly bitch. was a
horrible dream, and I cried so much in the dream that when
I woke up I couldn't tell if I was crying or not, haha.
There was this one thing he said in the dream that was
sorta odd. "I'm tired of the color of your eyes." It means
nothing, but in the dream it was like the worst thing you
could possibly say to a person. Oh well.

So Brandon showed up at his birthday get-together type
thing. He said he'd "see me around 2" but I didn't actually
think he would come. That's Brandon for ya. He taught me
how to skateboard today though! Ha. What a sight. I'm
fucking pathetic. And my brother Matt (yes, today it is
official that he is my brother) taught me to play some dumb
song. I feel special. And Tom got his truck. What a happy


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