Jess's Journal
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2002-08-23 19:34:52 (UTC)

well well well

well so i haven't talked to matt in like two days and i'm
missing him so much...he's my sweetheart..what can i say...
also...chris isn't speaking to me thanks to a certain
cousin of mine...but it's also my fault cuz i blew up at
her and said summin i didn't mean..it ended up hurting him
and now i'm paying the price. i don't have those same old
feelings for him..i've moved on..yes i used to love him but
i really can tell ya..i think it was more of a lust...no
offense to him or anything...he's a great friend..but
that's all he is...now matt on the other hand...i love
him...i know i do...that's why i need to explain to chris
that i've moved on...but i didn't mean to hurt the guy... i
just wanted to hurt my cousin the way she hurt me but
that's not possible cuz i could never hurt anyone that
much. it's just cold...i wish i could just take the two
hour drive and just go see him..but he's not on to
ask...and i don't have his number...stupid me eh...well
maybe i'll get to talk to him tonight..so yeah i'm doing
better physically but i'm a wreck emotionally...lucky me...