Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2002-08-23 19:01:39 (UTC)

the morning after.....

here i am stuck in the middle of that aukward morning
after..wait..oh you thought...oh....that's sick...the
morning after a pacifico rock show. Last night we did our
best to mop the floor with headliner Dishwalla, and well i
won't say we succeeded but i will say we played a pretty
good show. It was cold enough to hang meat and give me nard
hipples in the cotton club and as we graced the stage i
could barely do the (bear claw, bear claw, crab walk up the
neck)that translates into playing chords and solos on the
guitar.Im use to profuse sweating that aids in ruining any
eyeliner i might be wearing down my face (painting me to
look like weeping, depressed female)and sending hairspray
into my eyes. We definitely got the star treatment last
night...we had lots of beer, water, cokes, towles, and
scratch off lottery tickets waiting on us when we arrived.
So not only were they trying to turn us into drunks but
they wanted us to be gambling drunkards. Anyhoo we came we
saw we got free crap and we rocked. My girlfriend missed
the show. Oh yeah and i also left with two bags full of
beer and water...dishwalla obviously not the partying band
left almost ever bit of liquid refreshment they had earned
in their dressing room, so i obliged to take a ton of
corona's. Thanks guys. I think im out. we play sat night,
it should be an extravaganza of sexy seduction. Maybe we
should play shirtless. Matthew number two signing off. BYE