Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2002-08-23 18:52:02 (UTC)

My previous Wednesday morning...

Mad mad mad, but problem is, I don't know exactly what it
is that I am mad at...

I guess it just feels like that I am surrounded by common
cattle-folk that are just basically happy with wherever
they are, or they are just too chicken to chase their own
dreams...I don't know, I'm just mad, lol... I guess it
started a couple of mornings ago when my alarm didn't go
off and wake me for my appointment at work... My stupid
job entails me to work at places that aren't
considered "local" by any standards, and so there are times
when we have to catch a "bus" to take us to those special
places outside of our area...but I obviously "missed" it
that morning due to my alarm not ringing (because it was
turned I do not know...). Instead of just
staying home and saying to hell with it and losing a work
day, I decided to jump in my car and drive myself there...
I was about an hour and a half late, due to the distance
involved and early morning traffic, and about half way
there, I was tempted to just turn back around.... This
damn job has no benefits, no guaranteed hours, a turnover
rate that may even rival working in prisons, and it
disgusted me (just a tad, mind you) that I had to do this
to make some money that day....ugh, long gone are the days
when I had sick and vacation days, and only had to drive
less than 5 miles one way to work... Life sure does SUCK!
when you least want it to, lol... Oh well, the world keeps
on turning, life keeps on begatting, and everything that we
ever do gets lost in the passage of time...