the ups and downs of my life
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2002-08-23 18:15:32 (UTC)

mon through thurs

on monday nmothing really happened. i went to myu dads
house for about an hour ahd thats about it

on tuesday nothing happened in the morning my dad took us
shooping later that night and i bought notebooks, a jean
skirt, a pair of pants and a shirt. i took my gray t shirt
back back to get a biiger size but they were all out of
larges so i was bummed. i saw a backpack in khols i
wanted but i didnt get it i ended up getting one in
walmart but i really dont like it. so i might take it back
correction i WILL take it back

on wednesday i went to the othrodontist and my braces are
slivwer now....much better. they sawed some of my teeath
of it was weird but didnt hurt that much after that we
went to dennys an di got a salad. i saw katelynn there.
later that night i went to the harford fair. i went with
ash and jimmey and my brother. we had fun. we hung out
with tow of ashs firends one was named john i forget who
the other one was. a retarded person asked for ashs phone
number we just ran away. when we were walking by the
carnies to guys whistled at us and tried to get us to play
a game we kept on walking. we went on a music ride,
glideras, merry mixers tilt a whirl and the ferries wheel.
it was fun i saw where i am going to be working and this
kid i know from school will be working there on saturday.
on friday i get to work with this guy named cheby, i went
home with ash that night and spent the night

on thursday dustin came over for an hour at myu cousins
house. for like an hour. than jen came over which is her
friend and shes fun. ash twisted our hair and later we
went for a walk in the raid. it was pooring but it was so
much fun. we played in puddles and got soaked and jen
filled my shoe up with water adn i jumped in a muddy
puddle. it was fun. we came back and my mom didnt come
and get me so i spent the night again we were in ash
bedroom in our bras dancing to music it was fun.

we went to bed about 1130 cause i had to get up early to
go with her mom and drop me off where she works and my mom
picked her up. i grabbbed ashes pants instaed of mine by
mitake though so thats not good. i gor home about 7 adn
went back to bed and didnt wake up till 11. i havent took
a showere yet i will take one when i hacve to go to work
which is at five.

well i think thats all for now