Mind of a Wierdo
2001-07-16 04:58:00 (UTC)

So .. Uh .. How does life go again?

Do I .... sit here and let it go by? Do I get out off my
lazy-good-for-nothing-screwed-up-insane-blah-blah-blah ass
and do something. Cus I recently just forgot. So umm I did
nothing ... No wait .... I lied. I had fun today. Around
12:30 Chris and I went to get some flowers. I pick them off
of bushes and I dry them (it is like potpourri) So while I
was picking the flowers Chris was talking about some
problems that he had and as usual was asking me for help.
Dont get me wrong I love helping out. So I was doing just
that. Then I found the playground. Hey I am 16 but I am
still a 3 year old at heart. I LOVE THE SWINGS. So I went
and swinged on the swing while he sat on the one next to me
and he talked and talked. I dont find it annoying. I can
tolerate just listening. But he likes me to respond every
once in a while so that is what I do. Then we like just sat
there and he talked on. And then we headed back to my
house. (there are a lot of "then"s in here aren't there)
hehe. Well we were at my house for some time. Just hanging
out till four. Then around 4:20 or so we headed out to see
a movie that started at 4:40. Hehe. We weren't late though.
I guess you can say we were right on time. (I feel like an
insomniac ... FUCK ME!) NOT! Okay I lied I dont kno were
that came from. I dont even think like that. I just dont.
Sorry if that isn't human. I just dont think about that
So ummm where was I ......... O yea ... we saw "The Score".
I liked the movie. It was pretty good. We came back to my
house and hung out and stuff. (you kno .... now that I
think about that whole insomiac thing and that other one I
am beginning to wonder how you see me or even think of me.)
Anyways .... Ummmm ...... o yea ...... then I walked Chris
home and ended up talking to Daria for about half an hour.
It was fun. I ended up gettin home around 9:15. But no
biggy. I could have stayed out longer but then I wouldn't
have anything to do and I would be screwed over finding
something to do here cus it is boring. I am looking forward
to Chris calling me though. That should be fun. Well
interesting hehehe. Well yea .......... other then all that
........ I guess today was pretty good. Soooo
.............. ummmmmmmmmmm ...............................