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2002-08-23 16:36:07 (UTC)

Answers to two ife-long problems of mine #2

#2 - Bodily pains. As I now understand it, it goes like
A muscle overlaps other muscles and normally glides
smoothly as they pass next to one other in movement. For
whatever reason, mine have sticking points. The
consequence of this flows like this: Muscle A sticks in a
contracted overlap with muscle B. Muscle B is then pressed
and held in overlap with C. C in turn pushes again D,
causing a domino-effect of pressure along a chain of
muscles. Once the pressure presses past an area pf natural
tension, like over pelvic bone, the pressure gets locked
there, further pressing agains chains of muscle on down the

Through various activities, like exercise, slouching on the
lifeguard tower, guitar strap pulling my shoulder forward,
even sleeping on my side(!) I progressively accumulated a
tightly wound mass of pain across my entire body. For some
reason, the domino effect endpoint seemed to be largely in
my calves, ending in huge bone-density-like cylinders of
wodded up tissue. Some spots across my body ended up being
trigger points – spots of concentrated tension, that when
pushed on hurt, yet brought some minor temporary relief.

At my worst condition while on a project in Manhattan,
laying in bed at night, crying and in pain, I even
developed stigmata like red circular swellings on my palms
and bottoms of my feet. When pressed on, brought
considerable albeit momentary relief.

I had seen general doctors, chiropractics, osteopaths,
rolfers (structural integrators), massuses, physical
therapists and orthopedic doc. None could explain this,
accept one suggested Fibromyalgia, but couldn’t tell me
what it is, only that I have symptoms of it.

Finally the Orthopedic found a minor disc herniation and so
gave me steroid shots. One of the doctors giving the shot
explained this muscle sticking phenomenon and how it’s
typical of Fibromyalgia.

The 3 steroid shots for a herniated disc seemed to help
considerably. Through hard work, supplements, correct
posture and these shots, I am approaching manageable
condition of this insidious problem that has stolen so much
of my life.