can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-08-23 16:24:14 (UTC)

damn damn damn

My mantra for the day. Didn't get into AP Bio. Fucking
PISSED. I'm going to beg- I have no pride. Thats a lie, I
do, so I'll probably suck it up but..arg. Because I got a
C instead of a B- in Chem. If only I could learn off of
Mr. Giff...I just *can't* I don't have very many problems
w/ Math or Sciences, but when I'm in his class it all just
goes *Kapoot* Trust me, I've tried. And I know hes not a
bad teacher, because basicly my whole class can learn off
of him no problem. But whatever. Maybe I wouldn't be pissed
if this wasn't the only thing that was keeping my shedule
respectable. Now I've got Digital Art, VHS, Brit Lit,
Psych, and Calc. Thats it. My first period block is wiiiide
open, I dunno what I'm going to do about that. Of course,
the only advanced classes the school offers is AP Bio and
Honors Physics. Ok, I did the Ms Gelinas thing. Its going
to sound like I'm just blaming my teachers, but shes just a
bad one. Its not just me this time. I GOT Biology in the
ninth grade. Hell, I LIKED it. I LIKED a SCIENCE course! I
get math this year, in 11th grade. Again, I even liked it.
All I've wanted, since goddamn freshman year was to take AP
Bio, because Ms Shepley is an awesome teacher and I knew
that I could enjoy it and do well. But now I can't. And if
I could take AP English or if this fucking school offered
ANY choices for students, then I'd be set. But...

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