Sammy's Life
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2002-08-23 16:14:45 (UTC)

A New Day

Well, It is 12:07 pm and I was actually up before noon!
haha...Lately I havent been able to sleep and It really
sucks. I think it is because I am anticipating school.I
know, who wants to go back to school? ME! I actually am
very excited...senior year finally! But I do miss my other
friends at WHS...Hey (if your reading this) Dan, Ash, Jai,
Justine, Steph, Christian, and others! I will also miss my
friends who are leaving for college. Whoa, I cant wait for
college! Even though growing up is hard stuff. My
graduation is earlier than Wmspt's so I will get to see
all my friends! WOO HOO! Okay Im off I have nothing more
to say...sorry this is so boring haha.

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