One Fucked Up World
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2002-08-23 15:24:08 (UTC)


Ok, my friend wants me to go to his festival, but I am
going but with someoen else whose not friends with her what
should i do? and she asked me first but i forgot.
And againabout this Mariel, she told are frined Silvi
about the whole fight and how i am pisssed and wont really
talk to her. Now Silvi is lecturing about say oo you
shouldn't be mad at her. You guys souldn't fight and shit.
Its gay! But, the reason I am mad, is that ok back in the
school year, silvi made new friends. and then she blew off
mariel so mariel and i started hanging out more. But then
Silvi and her other fireds starting to not ang out so she
went back to mariel.and now mariel wont tlak to me on the
phone for more than like a minute, she doesn't call me,
ever want to do anything with me, it pisses me off so much.
What the hell am i suppose to do? Just sit there and act
like nothings wrong? Thats what i iwll do tel her notings

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