need guy advice
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2001-07-16 03:55:42 (UTC)

boyfriend troubles

So this is the basic story: I am 17 and I have had a long
distance relationship for like 15 months now and I really
like him a lot. He lives like halfway across the country
from me and all my friends have been telling me I am insane
since I started dating him. I love going home to talk to
him, but we have had a lot of disagreements recently. I
know he is not cheating on me, and he knows I would never
cheat on him, but he still gets really worried when I go
out with other guys. These guys are guys that I go to
school with and have known since seventh grade. I dont go
out with them one on one, I go out in groups either with a
bunch of them or with other girls there at the same time.
He still freaks out if I am just with a group of guys, and
says that if he lived with me they definately would not be
going out with me because that is just not what guys
do...they just dont go out with another guy's girlfriend if
the boyfriend is not there. I know I would be jealous if he
were going out with a group of other girls, but luckily he
has to go to an all guys school, so he doesnt really have a
chance to meet other girls. Even when he does meet them he
doesnt go out with them because he thinks it would hurt me
too much. I know this all makes him sound like he is some
huge loser, but hes really not, and I have seen other girls
hitting on him even while I am there, so I know this isn't
just his way of telling me not to be with other guys
because no girls would want to talk to him. So we kinda
decided to meet half way on this one. I said I would not go
out with guys one on one, and if I was having a problem
with ANYTHING I would not go to any other guys for advice
or a shoulder to cry on.
The second issue is my friends and him. They dont
like him because he used to be a huge asshole, but now he
has changed, and is a really nice guy, and really sweet to
me too. But I rarely get to see him, and my friends get all
pissed off when I dont want to hang out with them and have
like a girls only night when he is here... it really
infuriates me, because they KNOW he is only going to be
here like a week tops, usually only like 4 days, so why
can't they just have a girls night out without me?
If anyone reads this and has any advice for me on
any of it PLEASE write back!

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