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2001-07-16 03:48:45 (UTC)


Thursday, November 02, 2000
Anyway, the reason I wrote, I have to write a short (very
short) story. I want to do a conversational piece about
two people talking about God. I’m not sure how it would
work though.
I want two of them talking about it, and another
listening. Then, when they have reached a certain point
(either they get mad at each other or they come to a
standstill or they come to an agreement, the listener says
something about how all of it is useless. One of the
speakers then says that he hates the self-righteous. In
order for that to work properly, they’d really have to come
to some sort of agreement, wouldn’t they?
Damn. That is going to make this tough because
I’ll have to find a common ground for two different
arguments and then work backwards logically. That might
take a while.
This is for the “any piece you want to hand in is
fine” in my TE Eng. class. Maybe I’ll just hand in one of
my old poems and make it look really bad for the rough
draft. I think they’re good poems myself but they never
get published. Structurally they have a lot of meaning. I
just don’t think I know that many words in order for the
actual poem itself to be effective.
I could have them argue about the gender of God. I
could use some of Sim’s points and also add a few of my own
in. After that, I’ll just have one man say to the other
two something about how it’s useless to try and figure out
what God is, or even whether He exists or not. It matters
about as much to us as it does to a fly who is worrying
about what the Neilson Rating is of Frasier. One is way
out of the control of the other. One is also way beyond
the comprehension of the other.
I could. Maybe I’ll give it a try.

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