No One
2002-08-23 06:33:23 (UTC)

Worse...Worse...and SHIT!!

FUCK!!!!!!!!!sorry...not in a good mood right now. people
are fucking pissing me off. okay people heres your chance
heres how i used to act every single day..my disposition
was always this shitty. But ive been much better lately.
but not now..too much shit! things were going good..talking
to david..nice guy. wanted to know about my life..i tell
him..he seems interested..then suddenyl stops talking. i
dont know maybe its a thing with everyone in that FUCKING
band. joey does it...mike does it now..and now david..hes
talking to caroline though. maybe its just me.ima bitch
right? my father doesnt want to talk to me..why should
anyone else?!?! i dont knooooooW!!!! dude even slipknot
isnt helping right now. im in a baaaaad mood.but ya know
the thing with david doesnt really make me mad..its kinda
depressing...just another guy with no interest. the only
person i can get is josh, I DONT WANT HIM!!!!!!my brother
is the one big thing that put me in a shitty mood.i cant
stand mj's ignorance sometimes..i just need to get in the
mustang..put in some slipknot...and go fucking race...just
fuckin go 180mph...just scream or something. i hate being
in a bad mood.but i guess in all actuality im mad at no one
but myself.i dont know why..i feel like i failed
somewhere..and my dad keeps poping up...i dont know i need
a hug..i need someone to cuddle with..its been to long. ill
be back later with news.*hugznbites*

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