No One
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2002-08-23 05:06:37 (UTC)

Things can go horribly wrong in a matter of minutes

Yea well in my last entry i was very happy and looking
forward to seeing my bro and baby..but my bro is an IDIOT!
he has to take care of some "buisness" which mind u is of
course ILLEGAL. coughcough DRUGS...and he has the baby with
him!!He could have brought the baby here...and thats what
he was supposed to do. But no he has to be an idiot about
things as usual. All i can say is that if anything happens
to my baby...I will go from 0-bitch very quickly. I love
that baby. But apparently hes coming over with him
tomorrow. He better. And now Livia isnt spending the night
on friday some damn excuse about her moms friend
coming..and Nathan.O well whatever.Im still trying to get
my homework done. Oh yea and my friend Chelsea got her
license..no fair. She wants to come see me. who knows.
Alright well im done for the night i think...who knows.
Things obviously change every few minutes. *hugznkissies*

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