~~~Ghetto Gurl~~~
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2001-07-16 03:11:05 (UTC)

~~Late night thoughts~~

7-15-01 (later)
I've been thinking about things in life, the little
things. They're really not that bad. As a teenager we see
things so differently then when we are mature. A reaction to
a boy may be different when you're 13 compared to when
you're 17. It's how all human minds work. I really have no
idea what God was thinking when he created us. We're so
complicated, too difficult to understand. Sometimes I think
that we're not even the same kind (the human race that is).
Boys and girls are different in some aspects as well. We
think differently, I don't have a clue how guys think,
they're so strange to me at this age. I like to hope that
one day we'll fully understand each other: boy or girl,
black or white, straight or gay, prep or goth. If the world
got it through their heads that deep down inside we're all
the same we would all walk on a smooth path instead of a
bumpy one because every now and again we hurt each other one
way or the other. I pray that one day, although it is very
doubtful, we can all forget our differences and live as one.
No more hate towards each other, no more pain given to one
another, we'll all live in peace-we'll all love each other.
This is what I pray, and this, anyone who is out there
reading this, is my prayer. And if you feel the same way
about my words than help me support them. Follow them, live
your life as if we are all equal, how it should have been
from the start, but never fully was. Thanks. :) Goodnight
and God bless!

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