American Spirit
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2002-08-23 04:02:16 (UTC)

Joyful girl

So i still sit waiting wondering and waiting somemore.
Have you ever waited for something that didn't seem like it
would happen? I am anticipating nothing and expecting the
best. they called me into their group of soldiers, these
people oppressed by the president himself (just to let you
know headstart is more than a literacy program) only to
train me for two weeks. I suppose the trainings are good
for me but I'd rather be active and not sit all day
listening to someone speaking of things i know i should pay
attention to. But i can't sit and listen all day. I need
activities and laughter. who says you have to teach by
talking. I learn by seeing. So I bare with the work of
listening, sitting, and waiting, and come home to hoping
you will at least tell me you're okay. haven't died,
aren't lying sick somewhere. I send my magical healing out
to you but i do not know if it gets there. Can you feel me
from so far away? And if you can are you responding? The
dirtiness of the past is still scratching at me when i
think they are out there somewhere treating others the way
they treated me. Maybe they work for ford cause they
certainly have the same appeal to me right now. I am
crawling out of this depressed state of poorness into
support stance and i wish i could tell you about it. My
fiance is planning a corprate takeover but maybe not. I
wish I were more political and had gotten into the head
butting with the pres who was here. But I chose a hard
field, one that can not be seen as valid in the world of
blind eyes. Do you hear what babies mean when they cry?
does it mean they need to learn to read?

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