Four Rooms
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2002-08-23 03:49:21 (UTC)


Ahh, well I haven't written on here in a while. I really
got off track after my vacation. After I explain what I
have planned for the rest of the month, I'll explain why I
decided to post.

Alright, I had originally planned on writing in this
everyday. I want to pick that up again. Also I had said I
was gonna have the e-Zine up by mid August. I'll have it up
by Sept. 1st at the _LATEST!!!_ I also want to continue on
my programming, try and fix the program I just wrote and
probably tell you all (assuming anyone actually reads this)
what type of programming I'm doing, etc.

Ok, not for the reason I posted this tonight. I just
finished a really good conversation with my ex about
religion. This has inspired (heh, hence the title) me to do
something that I've wanted to do for quite a while: write
an article about what I believe in and why. It'll take me
some time, and I probably won't finish it until the end of
Sept. but it WILL get done. I promise you and myself. When
it's written, i'll probably add it to http://www.clouded- and

Stay safe all!

P.S. If you actually read my postings, drop me a line and
tell me what you think. Click the "Send feedback to clouded-
ice" button, or e-mail me @
pctechie at snet dot net. (I wrote it like that because I'm TERRIFIED
of spam.)

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