~~~Ghetto Gurl~~~
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2001-07-16 02:53:46 (UTC)


I didn't really do anything today. It was pretty much
boring. I hung a little with my sister and played Majora's
Mask pretty much all day. My friend Larissa (Lars) was
suppose to come over today but she never did. She hung out
with her other friend, Lisa, all day. I don't really like
her. Actually, I can't stand her. There's this vibe I get
around her that just makes me "hate" her. I wouldn't really
call it hate, maybe it would be more like "dislike" her.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad that Lars hung out with
someone other than me, it just made me mad that when I
called her today she never called me back and her dad got my
message. I knew she was home because when I went with my dad
and mom to get ice cream today I saw her pull out of her
driveway with Lisa. It just makes me mad, that's all. Just
because I'm 16 and she's 18 doesn't mean that she has to
ignore my calls or whatever. If she's annoyed with me I just
wish that she'd tell me. Uh...Life is hard, but it only gets
harder. I guess I should deal with (and like) my little
problems. They help me forget about the big ones :) I'll
probably chill with her tomorrow so I don't know why I'm
stressing. It's almost 11:00 PM, I'm getting a little tired.
Goodnight and God bless!