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2001-07-16 02:41:40 (UTC)

My Thoughts Pt. 2

Date: July 15, 2001
Time: 9:03 pm

Umm... ok I'm totally bored out of my mind right now... so
I thought I would write sum more :) :) I think this page
will include my poetry that I have written so far... and
whatever else I feel like writing... So sit back turn on a
light and read on :O) lol

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hele's Poems~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Love Is Like A Rose

Love is like a rose,
One minute it can blossom and another die.
Love can grow or it can wither.
Love can have the color of red or the color of black.
Love can have 1 thorn or have many.
If love or a rose dies someone is all alone in this world.
So treat love as if it was a rose, and it just might live


The pain of being lonely is more then I can bare.
No one to talk to, No one to see.
Why does life have to be so hard to someone?
I never did anything for u too leave.
I should have never loved u,
But I did and still do.
I loved u with all my heart, was that wrong?
And maybe when I wake and maybe when I call,
U will be by my side again.

What Is Love?

Is love the way u feel when your parents are near?
Or maybe the way u feel when u are by the special one.
No, it is much more then that,
Love is when your happy by that special one,
When your eyes sparkle like a diamond.
But most of all what is love, do u know?

You Took My Heart

When U walked into the room,
I knew I had to look.
Your eyes that dark brown,
They made me melt.
Your behind, what can I say,
Please bend down, down for me.
I'm just a girl,
That likes to look.
But one look at u,
Took my heart.

Over There

When I saw u walk into the room,
My heart almost pounded out of my chest.
My blood stopped flowing,
And I hardly breathe.
When I looked over there and saw u,
I was in heaven for a minute.
So now I love to look over there.

True Love

When two people have such great emotions for one another.
That they would rather spend only 5 minutes together,
Then spend an eternity without ever being able to touch
each other.
That's what true love really is.


Life to me is unhappy,
A galaxy of black holes,
Where no light is able to shine in,
And none able to shine out.

That Way

When I first saw you,
I fell in love.
Your precious smile,
Your gentle ways.
They turned me on.
When you gazed at me with them hazel eyes,
You took me heart by surprise.
Now what should I'll do, but cry?
Oh, your gentle and wonderful ways,
Will always be in my heart and life.
But nothing will ever take the place of seeing you that
special day.
Turned my eyes and heart to your gentle hazel eyes,
" That Way"

Dreaming Bout U

I can still remember u just like I saw u yesterday,
With me looking into your dark brown eyes.
I can still feel your arms holding me tight,
and your breath coming down onto my neck.

Every night I dream about u..
bout u holding me tight,
and saying u love me.
But all the images are starting to fade away,
since u took your love away.

I still love u,
this I got to admit.
But baby why did u have to leave?
Your beautiful smile broke my heart,
and your sweet ways trapped me.

Every night I dream about u,
bout u holding me tight,
and saying u love me.
But all the images are starting to fade away,
since u took your love away.

I never knew that u would deceive me..My Love.
I never knew u would take your love away from me.
I once thought we were meant to be together,
but now I know I was wrong.

I'm In Love With U

When I first saw you,
I had my doubts,
But I soon fell in love with you,
And now i don't know what to do.

I just hope you feel the same about me,
I wish you would hold me in your arms,
And tell me that you love me too...
All my dreams would come true.

I'm in love with you,
But I don't know what to do.
And I know u are more then just a friend,
That you make my life complete.

When I hear your voice,
All my sorrow disappears,
When I look into your eyes,
I see a whole furture of you and I.

Baby.... Your know that I love you,
I never knew I could feel this way.
I don't even know the words to say,
And I don't know what to do.
But I do know..
I'm in love with you.

Troubles Of The World

Sometimes I can't handle the problems of the world,
Troubles of the world..
They become to hard to bare,
And yet I can't do anything to stop them.
Them troubles of the world.
My family don't realize how bad the problems of the world r
to me,
and they don't try to help me.
The problems will destroy one's soul,
And tho shall never see light again.
They pull you down just when you start to go up.
Them troubles of the world, problems of the world.
People do things to make the pain and hurt go away,
but it really makes them become worse.
We all have problems,
some are big and some are small.
Them troubles of the world, problems of the world.
There is no way to stop them, no way at all..
They just keep becoming more and more serious,
Until you just can't go on.
Your world will soon quit revolving,
Then all will be done,
Them troubles and worries of the world.

The Day I Met You

The day I met you,
All my gray skies turned blue,
And my tears stopped.
The frown I once wore everyday,
Turned up to form a smile.

The day I met you,
My broken heart seemed to become unbroken,
And all the lies I once heard all became the truth.
I once was loney,
Until I met you.

The day I met you,
All my fears disappeared,
And I knew I had found the special one.

The day I met you,
I wish that we lived closer,
So I could have you by my side...
Until that day comes,
You'll be in my heart and soul,
And I'll always be here for you.

The day I met you,
Was the day I have been waiting for all my life.

I Love U

We may be miles away from one another,
Unable to cuddle together,
Or to speak the words "I Love You' and to be able to hear
it... to feel it.

But we know deep down inside,
That we truly love each other.
We may have trouble expressing it now...
The day will come when we shall see each other,
And be able to express ourselves in each and every way

I dream about that day everyday and every night,
Just wishing and praying it would come sooner,
For when it does all my hopes and dreams will come true.

Your the prince I have been searching for,
I thank the man up above for letting me find you and for
making you mine.

Words can't even begin to describe the way I feel for you,
I could never show you how much I care.
It would be far to hard,
Cuz I care so much.
But I maybe just maybe,
Three simple words can come close to showing you and
describing to u how much,
I really do care.
If you think hard,
You may know these words,
These words are... "I Love You"
I love you with all my heart and I always will... Baby

** All Poems written by Helena
** Over There and You Took My Heart where Inspired by
Jimmie McInerney
** That Way Written by Helena And Faye
** The Day I Met U was written for John S.
** I Love U was written for John S.

Ok there are all of poems that I have written so far...
hehe now let me figure out what I'm going to write bout
next...::thinking:: ::light comes on:: Lol.. ok I got an
idea yay...


It seems like since me and Jack broke up... I have been
happy and yet depressed... its sorta odd considering I have
never met Jack in my life just talked to him on the
phone... but I actually did like him a lot... even tho he
sumtimes got really... umm... pissy with me... but I can
understand why he was like that... the poor boy has been
through a lot of stuff... and I know I added to his
problems... so maybe if I can become his friend... I could
help him out instead of making things worse... I have to
admit I want things to go my way no matter what... and
thats how I was with Jack... The problem what he was like
that also... so that's one reason we always fought... I was
always thinking about myself and hardly ever about him...
well thats not true... but I do know that most of our fight
were over little things that we didn't agree with... I just
hope that maybe one day me and him can go back to the way
we were... but I doubt it... cuz we have put scars on each
other's hearts that can't be removed... and since he has a
gurlfriend... I know we can't be like we were until they
break up... I just thank god that he doesn't hate me for
all the stuff that I put him through... and I'm glad that I
don't hate him either...


Ok... John has always been there for me... and are
supposed to be going out... but its soo hard for my mind to
think that...I have never heard his voice... or heard how
he acts on the phone... people tend to be different on the
phone or even in person then they r online...and who knows
we may hate each other after the first time we do talk on
the phone...I think he moves a little to fast... I swear he
was saying he loved me... by the the second time we
talked... Honestly how can u love sumone that fast... when
u don't even hardly know them? U know what I mean? It's not
possible... I mean yeah I love him as a friend... but not
really as anything else... cuz truthfully I don't know
the "real" him quite yet...I'm working on getting his
number so I can call him... and so maybe we can get to know
each other a lot more...


Ok here is another boy who moves way to fast for my
taste... he don't even know me and he tells me he loves me
already... and he asked me out online yesterday.. yet
another long distance relationship... just like with
John... I mean good lawd how do I know if they don't have
gurlfriends in the real world? and how do they know if I
have a boyfriend in the real world... which I don't... but
do u see where I'm coming from?


U know there is three words that people use way to
often... without even putting any meaning into it... and
them words would be "I Love U"... Even I have to admit I
also use them a lot without truly meaning it... I thought
when sumone tells u that they really mean it... well
sumtimes they don't... I mean yeah sumtimes they do mean
it... but how can u tell sumone that U hardly know... that
u "love them"... Most people don't even tell that to their
boyfriends/gurlfriends until about 3 or more months into
the relationship... so how can people u have never saw and
haven't even talked to for that long... Dare to tell u they
love u when they know deep down inside... that they truly
don't... but hey I can't stop people from saying "I Love U"
to sumone unless they truly mean it... but I can wish that
people would think about what they r telling sumone before
they say it to them... and put feelings into it... and not
just say sumthing to be saying it...

~~~~Hele's Goodbyes~~~~

Well I don't know what else to talk bout...So I guess I
will Bizounce(hehe however they spell it.. I gotta watch
BET and find out lol)So bye bye 4 now... Peace and B Wild!!

*Note: ummm Liz maybe u can help me with sum topics to talk
bout in my next thoughts page.. if u have any ideas..
please let me know :)