It smells like poop over here
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2002-08-23 03:08:07 (UTC)

i'd give it all away, for one more day with you

"andrea" by mxpx. i wouldn't give anything for one
day with that miserable bitch. i'd rather circumsize myself
with a brick. not a bad tune though.
ohhhh man. after my 12.5 hour work day, i hung out
with rich, chad and dave. we shot some pool at snookers, i
sold a 5th of bacardi to chad and when me, dave, and rich
we leaving chad's, dave says, "go like 50 around this
circle, it's so fun." so im doing like...35 and i try to
take this turn, srrererccch!!! i drive right over part of
someone's front lawn, and im hitting the breaks the entire
time, so i end up stoppig on the side walk, and leaving two
strips of grass just about the width of my tires. two huge
as skid marks on the street and a torn apart lawn. it was
soo fucking funny. i didn't hit any cars, but i tore ass
outta there. i did want some neighbor to wake up and call
the fuzz. haha, the fuzz.
speaking of the cops, a harper woods (where i live)
cop was shot this morning. plus an off duty detroit cop who
was trying to help the HW cop. these 2 guys robbed a
restaurant, and the cop was chasing them, they crashed shot
the cop in the leg, but shot the detroit cop a few times.
one suspect ran up the hill on the e-way and the other died
from bullet wound/s. fucked up situation. both cops are
going to be ok though.
as for today, i work, hung out at rich's...all day
and that's about it. g'night. i get to sleep in, so im
going to bed early (11:30) so i can sleep till 1:30. PEACE!


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