Born to Bounce
2002-08-23 03:05:08 (UTC)


Benn talking to elin about magic recently, apparently her
new boyfriend knows a fair bit, even though I don't think
he's aware that he's doing magic :) Alot of people are like
that, whether they know it or not.

Sitting here waiting for the day to be over so we can
finally get to go home, and then get to gav's party!! rang
dwight last night, we'll be taking the train with him. i
think it'll all be great, no matter if there'll be acid or
not, I'll be happy :)

everyone's that's going are great people, just hanging out
with them will be fun. plus, maybe i'll dream new dreams in
gav's house. I find it matters alot where you sleep, and in
which position you sleep to what you dream.

I hope things work out great anyway!! :)

3 and a half hours left of this afternoon's class...not
looking forward to it, but apparently you have to stay
here, because otherwise you miss all these things that you
have to show to the teacher. if you don't do them and show
her, she'll bug you at the end of semester, and even fail
you if you haven't done them. so we better stay, even
though it looks to be a less than amusing afternoon...

i wonder how many people actually read other people's
diarys in this place?? i usually go through the list and
read what i think might be interesting...
wonder how many poeple read this journal. probably not
many, i always tend to write on for too long :)
maybe the site-owner should put in a counter for each
person's journal?? don't know how complicated the code
would be, but i'm sure it's possible.

speaking of code, i've done the basic layout coding for all
the 9 pages that have to be done by monday. i can't deny
that i'm happy with myself! and i might have to add that
html is quickly becomng one of my favourite things to do,
even in my sparetime! does that make me sick??

anyway, better get back to the cross tab queries....*sighs*
but it's superfriday and possibly acid-night, so nothing
can go wrong!! :) yay!! :)