Confessions from a Sexy Princess
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2001-07-16 02:28:23 (UTC)


7/15/01- I dont understand why I cant remove myself from
Greg. Last night we went out to a sports bar with his
friends. Something we have never done. So it was kind of
a shock. But then he got drunk and was hitting on the
waitress. He was being such an ass. I had his friend Ed
take me home because I was tired of sitting there next to
him supposed to be his date and he is telling the waitress
how sexy she is.

Anyway he apologized this morning, today he took me to
Atlantic City on his bike. We went to a couple of casinos,
walked the boardwalk. He held my hand and actually spent
time with me.

I would take it as a sign that he has changed but I am
scared to do that. I am scared to tell my family and
friends that he has actually changed because he has made me
look like a fool on so many occasions. I figure I will
date him for now and see how he does.

He asked me to move back in with him, but I
am not ready. I have to wait and see what happens. I
wanted so bad to spend the night tonight but I didnt want
him to start getting used to me again. I have to take it
slow, make him yearn for me, make him want me so when we
have sex again, it will be more than that. It will be
making love, it will mean something.