No One
2002-08-23 02:30:54 (UTC)

Band Pracice, Mustangs, and Brothers....

Well today Joeys band had practice at my house again..that
was fun as usual. Well I thought that I liked Mike..well I
do like him. Hes cute and really nice. But like I totally
know hes not interested in me AT ALL. Which is okay. But
also I mean hes a reallly busy guy and Joey says that hes
into alot of girls. So I would just be wasting my time.
Today he said we would talk and such...I even gave him the
oppourtunity to change the day..but he said we would do it
today..well I obviously wasnt going to talk to him while
they were playing. But when everyone came in the house for
a break..Mike went back out to the garage so i followed him
but he didnt seem to interested when I waved to him and I
dunno..it just didnt feel right. Like I didnt belong or
something. I mean dont get me wrong Mike isnt mean or
anything at all like that. But I just think that its
wasting both our time to even plan anything. David came to
practice today. Hes very cute as well. I dont really know
as much about him as I know about Mike but knowledge will
come with time I spose.David has really beautiful
eyes..Blue of course lol. Anyone who knows me knows that is
my weakness. And blondes. But anyways, Joey says he thinks
that David might like me. Im not so sure about that. He
doesnt know me. Caroline said he siad I was pretty but i
have a feeling that he was just trying to be nice because
he was kind of put on the spot. But anyways hopefully
things all go well with thier show on saturday and who
knows maybe I will get to know them a little better. We
gave them thier shirts today..they seemed to like them. I
hope they really do but im not sure..I guess it doesnt
matter much. My brother Mj called me this morning to get my
hopes up and tell me that he bought his old mustang back
from his friend Erick...only to tell me that he lied. I
hate it when that happens. I really love that car..its a 91
mustang Gt hatchback all performance....very very nice car.
its silver. Mj said that he did however have the car all
weekend and that I would see it and go for a ride hehe.
Street racing anyone?? I cant wait. I love fast cars. My
bro should be here any minute with the baby. I cant wait to
see him.Well anyways I cant really think of anything else
to say at the moment so I will go call my brother and do
some homework...its due tomorrow. *hugsznkissies*

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