2002-08-23 01:04:53 (UTC)

and the beat goes on and on and on

are you crazy?
can you hear me? are you sleeping in my bed.
and why cant i see you anymore.
why cant i feel you inside of me.
im numb. im dumb.
im everything you wanted me to be.
so why are you not here.
and would i even notice if you were.

yay for being in orlando.
its weird here.
i have a headache.
i need to get out of here and drink myself some COFFEE.
its been awhile. too much of awhile. =)

emily may be coming here tonight. but im not sure, and
neither is she. james too. it would be lots of fun, but
well see how things go.

time to drink coffee and try not to do any other drugs

i dont want to be able to think about anything.
because anything means everything.

and right now everything is one big evergrowing mess in my
one i dont want to clean.
so like everything else in my life at the moment.
im choosing to ignore it.


yay for being taught all of this at a very young age.

it comes without any effort anymore.