shell's life
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2001-07-16 01:50:20 (UTC)

I Miss Him

ok well i got my boyfriend grounded thursday. he was over
here and he was supposed to be home by 9:00. i didn't want
him to leave so he was late and now he is grounded. he just
got himself in to more trouble. he don't even know how long
he is grounded and i really miss him. i really hope he gets
ungrounded really soon.
well yesterday i was in a big argument over the computer.
it was with one of my ex-friends and her bitchy cousin.
they kept sayin the same things over when we were arguing
she claims when she comes up here to indy she is
gonna "fuck me up good". but i have news for her. but i
guess that's it. i'll get back to yall when i see my
derrick again.

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