This is me
2002-08-23 00:48:51 (UTC)


Today wasnt exactly a good day....I'm tired and i'm wore
out and i have nohting left in me and it's hard sometimes
to keep going thru the day...i just want to lay down and
lay there all day and do nothing...swimming is a big part
of my's my confort's my love, it means
alot...and i try and i try and i work so hard it's just
this double practices and 10000 yrds a day it gets rough
and i'm getting tired. Then we had a meet today and i went
2 sec slower then my best time and that coaches
tell me it's cuz i've been working hard and i practices
that day and all this stuff and i know that i do...but
still it's discouraging...this is supposed to be my year
and swimming in that first meet...i dunno...i know i have 3
years left of high school and that means 3 years to make
states but my goal is to go as a sophomore and i intend on
accomplishing that goal. I just need a break, this week
was rough and i'm looking forward to the weekend i really
really need it. For a good note tho i'm having fun my
friends are the best and they're alwasy there and school
starts on Tuesday that should be intresting. But it's late
and i should get some sleep tomorrow is friday which means
i still have ...later