The jerk files
2002-08-23 00:35:22 (UTC)

Another first.....

Well i have obtained my first monrow this week. It is
so cool. Well, let me see, what's new lately? I don't know
anything but i have been spending my time at work at home
or with my girlfriend Vanessa...(she's beautiful!) I am soo
lucky. I always thought she was soo unatainable. But here
i am and i am soo crazy about her. We do have our
occasional spats but who doesn't? Duh. It's cool though
because we always make up. We always keep our
communications lines open. I am bad in that area but i have
been getting better. alot better. We are supposed to go and
see Signs tonight. But she is not here yet...oh well. I
guess she doesn't love ;) Hmm... What else? I am
still going to sacramento to play on sundays...that's
it,..i have a gig here in town on Sunday..rock
on...Vanessa's here...gtg!!


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