Hobbes' Diary
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2002-08-22 23:58:30 (UTC)

just my random thoughts

you know, somethings would be better off not said. i was
just thinking a/b how funny it is when someone wants you
to do something for them, but the other completely messes
it up. that just goes to show that you can't trust
anybody. somebody's gunna make a blip sooner or later.
another thing - just totally random- does santa claus have
a psychiatrist? *blink* that was extremely random. i mean,
but if you think about it, he sees the whole world in one
night. and in that nighyt he has to see some pretty
strange people. that just makes you ponder. lol! i just
realized what made me wonder that. there's this really
cool game where there's santa claus chara'sand they're
evil. mwhahaha! well...that's it for today. more later.