Wally's Wackin' Shack
2002-08-22 23:18:35 (UTC)

I'm getting ready to make that 18 hour drive down to Nawlins

It's 7:04 PM here in Virgina, 6:04 Central Time in
Nawlins. I've got all my laundry done, got my hair done,
and I'm gonna start to finish packing up, which includes my
puter. SO this is so long for now, I should be back up on
Saturday, *Prayin' everything goes well* I promise I'll
hurry and be careful, Jamie Thanx for Caring. I've missed
Matt. I know it's only been 16 hours since I've talked to
him, but in my life, thas forever :(. I won't get to say
good-bye, so Matt, if ur reading, I want you to know that
when we're driving through North Carolina, I'll be thinkin'
of ya. And if I see Lightening I think of you too. Also
if I get hungry, I'll think of a nice juicy Burger.
MMMMMMMMMMM....I'm a little hungry right now. I should
make sumfin'. It hasn't sunk in yet. That I'm leaving.
I'm not sad yet. My cousin and her soon to be sister-in-
law are gonna come buy, give me a few things, and say
goodbye. :'(, I'm gonna miss them. I'm gonna miss
everything I know. but OH WELL....I'll get over it :D. My
aunt came over and gave me a few gifts, a few words of
advice, and so on.....It's all starting to make me feel
I'm very thankful to be able to call you all friends. I
would also like to think Hodge Podge for bein'
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet *kisses for mah
baby*! Well, I'm gonna send out my goodbye E-mails. Thank
You all for readin' about me, sorry for puttin' u to sleep.