a little piece of me
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2002-08-22 22:47:21 (UTC)

hehehe, i played hookey!

i called in to work today. said i had a migraine. i just
wasn't in the mood to go. terrible of me, i know. today,
turtle didn't have to work. tomorrow, neither of us do.
we've been having all kinds of fun. we ordered pizza, then
did a little um, messing around. the pizza guy was here
before we knew it, and i had to answer the door in nothing
but a blanket! it was aweful. lol, turtle thought it was
funny, though. then we watched a movie. we decided to
take a nap. that didn't go well at all. we did a little
more messing around. now, turtle is sleeping, and i'm too
wound up to. i'll give him half an hour. silly boy. he's
so cute.

so back to skipping work. last night the assistant manager
(steve) really pissed me off. turtle and i share a car.
on the nights i have to work until nine and turtle has to
go in at seven, we have to trade off. i take my lunch
break at 6:30, he drives to hobby lobby, then i drive him
to work. i then pick him up the next day bright and
early. philip doesn't mind me doing this...i've explained
the situation to him, and he's fine with it. well, steve
was po'd because i was supposed to take my break at 4:30
(according to the schedule). he made me go straight back
to work after i got back. i was supposed to have half an
hour off, but instead i got just a little over ten
minutes. i was not happy. i was working three departments
last night (by myself), and i never get any slack.
everything is supposed to be perfect by the end of the
night. i think if i'm doing 3 people's jobs, i should be
getting three people's salaries. ha. never happen. oh
well. that's life i guess. so, i was bitter and skipped
today. i had already gotten a whole weeks worth of work
done in three days. they can deal. i don't need to be
doing everyone elses jobs, too.

well, i guess that's it. i'm gonna go play with my baby
kitty. she's just so damn cute. hope everyone has a great
night. i know i will!!


ps...heather, please cheer up. if that means staying away
from the pc for a bit, please do. i'm sorry you've been
hurt so bad, and i'm sorry you don't think that i'm being a
good enough friend. i'm trying my hardest. i know it's
tough being 1000 miles away. i'm so sorry. please don't
do anything to hurt yourself. you promised, and i'm going
to hold you to that. i luv you.