Deep Down
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2002-08-22 22:23:57 (UTC)

I Wish I Was There Then Instead Of Now

You call yourself patrons
You call yourself saviors
You call yourself Gods, servants, and leaders
But what you don't call yourselves are hypocrites
tormentors, slaves, and followers.
You think that you're innocent
with no flaws to foil
You're the devils creation
destructive, dismissive to boil
You think you're indestructable
made of iron fists
You clamped tightly onto my heart
too much to dismiss
One day the leaders yet followers
and the followers yet leaders
Why worship the world's creators?
While all the while there's drugs and disease
Buildings are rising, so down with the trees
I want to meditate back where man had to make it on his own
I'd rather live in the streets than were the hypocrites
build their home.